onsdag 9. november 2011

A new dimension

I have decided now to relate time to the relativity theory and space. i therefore want to paint the outer space with planets and stars and put a line or a string of clocks going in loops and really giving a 3D effect.I found the drawing of the 3D clocks very difficult but I am trying to design the 3d in an Architecture program like Google Sketchup and then make the drawing there and copy it onto the painting. The Idea behind the 3d is that I like Science and I want this to seem very scientific. I have gotten the permission to use 2 clocks. Therefore, one clock will be 5 minutes late and there will be a series of clocks following the late clock going into the distance behind stars and planets and ending up in a clock which is exactly correct.

I also soon want to add the essay, but I want it to be in one go. I have currently two paintings I want to analyze and I have to decide about one of them soon:

tirsdag 1. november 2011

What is time.

We are now moving into a new unit: Time. The assessment piece for this unit will be to make a clock, or the artwork of a clock. I do not yet have a plan but I want to make an Old Fashion Grandfather clock in antique colors and a majestic shape. Lets wait and see.