onsdag 18. april 2012

Before I started to do any carving or or drawing, I did some research finding different ways I could make a tesselation. There were many ways, all from squared, triangular, and hexagonal. I also got a better understanding on how tesselation works. My first sketch was just a sled, with a man sitting on top of it. This made it hard using the style we were asked to do and I left it after being puzzled several times. I decided then to do a hexagonal tesselation.
I quickly saw what I wanted to make. I had an idea of an endless pattern, not only that the same figure repeated itself, but that each figure interacted with the other ones. I decided to make a line of fish, where one fish bites another’s tail and this one bites the next fish. This would mean that the tail would be the equivalent of mouth and teeth. To get more contour on the fish, I added flippers and gills.
My plan was to first do an outline, a perfect sample which could be used for referance later on. This would also let me use this as the sample I will cut the linoleum with referance to. The pattern, I decided do be in bigger hexagons, this meaning that one hexagon would be surrounded by many other hexagons conjuring a bigger hexagonal shape. The Hexagon in the middle would be coluored blue and the pieces surrounding it would be red. 
I started off by cutting out the linoleum shape and placing it on the A3 paper. I drew around it with pencil, creating the silhouette of the fish. I repeated this several times creating the pattern I wanted. I started off painting with the blue colour. This went fine. Because of the lack of diversity of paint, especially when it came to red colour. Therefore, I chose a waterbased red colour, not suited for printing. This led to that the linoleum stuck to the paper ripping the paper apart. I therefore had to improvise and stick the paper sample to the painting, overlapping the fault underneath. 
After a group discussion, people were agreed that the tesselation was good with an interesting pattern and a clear colour. The selection of colours and pattern highlighted certain areas such as the blue fish, and the pattern seemed infinate in many ways. Also the fact that each fish was biting another was complimented. I also think that my effort could have been better when it came to accuracy but was good when it came to the creative and inventive part.