onsdag 18. april 2012

Before I started to do any carving or or drawing, I did some research finding different ways I could make a tesselation. There were many ways, all from squared, triangular, and hexagonal. I also got a better understanding on how tesselation works. My first sketch was just a sled, with a man sitting on top of it. This made it hard using the style we were asked to do and I left it after being puzzled several times. I decided then to do a hexagonal tesselation.
I quickly saw what I wanted to make. I had an idea of an endless pattern, not only that the same figure repeated itself, but that each figure interacted with the other ones. I decided to make a line of fish, where one fish bites another’s tail and this one bites the next fish. This would mean that the tail would be the equivalent of mouth and teeth. To get more contour on the fish, I added flippers and gills.
My plan was to first do an outline, a perfect sample which could be used for referance later on. This would also let me use this as the sample I will cut the linoleum with referance to. The pattern, I decided do be in bigger hexagons, this meaning that one hexagon would be surrounded by many other hexagons conjuring a bigger hexagonal shape. The Hexagon in the middle would be coluored blue and the pieces surrounding it would be red. 
I started off by cutting out the linoleum shape and placing it on the A3 paper. I drew around it with pencil, creating the silhouette of the fish. I repeated this several times creating the pattern I wanted. I started off painting with the blue colour. This went fine. Because of the lack of diversity of paint, especially when it came to red colour. Therefore, I chose a waterbased red colour, not suited for printing. This led to that the linoleum stuck to the paper ripping the paper apart. I therefore had to improvise and stick the paper sample to the painting, overlapping the fault underneath. 
After a group discussion, people were agreed that the tesselation was good with an interesting pattern and a clear colour. The selection of colours and pattern highlighted certain areas such as the blue fish, and the pattern seemed infinate in many ways. Also the fact that each fish was biting another was complimented. I also think that my effort could have been better when it came to accuracy but was good when it came to the creative and inventive part.

torsdag 8. mars 2012

Stop Motion Developmental Workbook

To start of the project, we investigated the different  methods we could apply to make the product. We had a software on an iPad which could help us so a stop motion animation. Sander also has some experience with clay and therefore we decided to make a claymation.

Plan: Our group consists of Roman, Floyd, Sander and I. Together we decided upon roles. I would be responsible for the editing, Roman would do the filming, Sander would do the figures and the filming, and Floyd would make props.

Design. We made a design for 5 sketches from 2011. These were, an introduction,  Ski WM in Holmenkollen, Earthquake in Japan, Osama bin Ladens death, Gadaffis death and the Smørkrise. We would go a s far as we could and Sander would create the figures.

Create, The creation stage was the longest, and the filming went thoroughly and well. I did the editing parallel to the filming. perfect teamwork. Unfortunately, Sander was sick and absent the last day making us unable to finish the assignment on time.

Evaluation: Overall, the movie was good and within time limits. The whole group was satisfied with their work and had fun creating

tirsdag 6. desember 2011

Evaluating painting

This painting was made by me as the art project for the unit about time. This picture is called "Time within relativity through infinity" The picture has two clocks and they are not the same. This is because one of the clocks is traveling through space to end up to another clock 5 minutes later. This is inspired by relativity and those theories. Eveything is painted including the hands of the clock painted blue to match the surface of the clock. The colour of the clock is a Technologically new colour and is symbolized with modern days. The planets are supposed to be alien and unknown and is not supposed to symbolize the solar system. Audience says that it is colorful and a good compilation of colors and shows the aspects of time in a logical manner. Also it is demanding attention because of the bright colors and eye-catching perspectives and positioning of the components distributed in the vast dark deep empty Universe. These comments are badged in  One improvement that could have been done was to shadow the planets to give a more three-dimensional effect rather than the very bright which is now present. Otherwise everything is good in my opinion. Also I have applied the knowledge about time in both science and art in this project. The universe is silent and peaceful while the clocks are moving fast as in time. One can argue that this is a slow and fast image depending on the point of view and perspective.

Analysis of a painting

This painting is painted in recent history and  it is showed by the components of the painting such as the modern looking station and the train in the station. The green color makes you focus more on the train at the start and therefore the green color adds an important aspect. This highlighted colour was probably considered when painting as this must have been an important colour. The green colour is important and adds an outstanding effect as well as the black windows emphasizes the colour as well as highlighting the green and adding a contrast. One can argue that the green is the most important colour. 
A thing that awakes ones mind is the clarity and focus of the picture. Usually when one takes a photography picture of a train station with a moving train, the train would be unfocused. In this painting it is as if the train is stationary and the station is moving contrasting the train. This can be to create focus to the train but as if the painting is called RELATIVITY,  the main importance of the painting according to the painter is the time focus.
If you think about the time in the picture, the backround, the station, is unclear and unfocused because of movement. This is a painting and not a photography and therefore, the painter could make a selection of how to paint it. It appears to be a very moving picture and the time is not still. The movement in the picture is in a sense inverted from reality.  In the world we live in, the motion within reality would be more focused on the train moving. This creates the effect of an oxymoron, a virtual reality.
The idea of a virtual reality is amazing in the sense that this is in a sense a real life situation. Relativity rules state that time is constant and that the moving object is following the focus exaggerates the point that time is moving. Obviously, the subway does not move at such a fast rate but nevertheless, the movement combined with time extrordinarily informative and interesting.
One can agree that this picture is a masterpiece in the sense that people think about the meanings and hidden possibilities within it. It can seem like the picture can contain subliminal messages and that the picture has a «controversial approach». This picture is also in the modern age as the invention of trains is modern and also the station is rather new. The moderness of the picture can be an illusion as we have seen modernism before. This picture does have colours which are seen on modern photographies and as older photos does have a certain colour tone, this seems newer. Overall an interesting and internally controversial photographical painting.

onsdag 9. november 2011

A new dimension

I have decided now to relate time to the relativity theory and space. i therefore want to paint the outer space with planets and stars and put a line or a string of clocks going in loops and really giving a 3D effect.I found the drawing of the 3D clocks very difficult but I am trying to design the 3d in an Architecture program like Google Sketchup and then make the drawing there and copy it onto the painting. The Idea behind the 3d is that I like Science and I want this to seem very scientific. I have gotten the permission to use 2 clocks. Therefore, one clock will be 5 minutes late and there will be a series of clocks following the late clock going into the distance behind stars and planets and ending up in a clock which is exactly correct.

I also soon want to add the essay, but I want it to be in one go. I have currently two paintings I want to analyze and I have to decide about one of them soon:

tirsdag 1. november 2011

What is time.

We are now moving into a new unit: Time. The assessment piece for this unit will be to make a clock, or the artwork of a clock. I do not yet have a plan but I want to make an Old Fashion Grandfather clock in antique colors and a majestic shape. Lets wait and see.

onsdag 26. oktober 2011


I just finished the picture and I think it looked better than I first thought. After some feedback from my "friends", they said that it was good and that it did give it the pixelated effect and that you have to stand a long way away to recognize me. Mr Roman told me this was called to paint to code. One problem I had was that the paint became rather greenish, and Mr Roman concluded that it may be due to that the Black colour is slightly Green as black is a hard colour to make. All in All, I am happy about my work and I think it was a success.