tirsdag 6. desember 2011

Evaluating painting

This painting was made by me as the art project for the unit about time. This picture is called "Time within relativity through infinity" The picture has two clocks and they are not the same. This is because one of the clocks is traveling through space to end up to another clock 5 minutes later. This is inspired by relativity and those theories. Eveything is painted including the hands of the clock painted blue to match the surface of the clock. The colour of the clock is a Technologically new colour and is symbolized with modern days. The planets are supposed to be alien and unknown and is not supposed to symbolize the solar system. Audience says that it is colorful and a good compilation of colors and shows the aspects of time in a logical manner. Also it is demanding attention because of the bright colors and eye-catching perspectives and positioning of the components distributed in the vast dark deep empty Universe. These comments are badged in  One improvement that could have been done was to shadow the planets to give a more three-dimensional effect rather than the very bright which is now present. Otherwise everything is good in my opinion. Also I have applied the knowledge about time in both science and art in this project. The universe is silent and peaceful while the clocks are moving fast as in time. One can argue that this is a slow and fast image depending on the point of view and perspective.

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