tirsdag 6. desember 2011

Analysis of a painting

This painting is painted in recent history and  it is showed by the components of the painting such as the modern looking station and the train in the station. The green color makes you focus more on the train at the start and therefore the green color adds an important aspect. This highlighted colour was probably considered when painting as this must have been an important colour. The green colour is important and adds an outstanding effect as well as the black windows emphasizes the colour as well as highlighting the green and adding a contrast. One can argue that the green is the most important colour. 
A thing that awakes ones mind is the clarity and focus of the picture. Usually when one takes a photography picture of a train station with a moving train, the train would be unfocused. In this painting it is as if the train is stationary and the station is moving contrasting the train. This can be to create focus to the train but as if the painting is called RELATIVITY,  the main importance of the painting according to the painter is the time focus.
If you think about the time in the picture, the backround, the station, is unclear and unfocused because of movement. This is a painting and not a photography and therefore, the painter could make a selection of how to paint it. It appears to be a very moving picture and the time is not still. The movement in the picture is in a sense inverted from reality.  In the world we live in, the motion within reality would be more focused on the train moving. This creates the effect of an oxymoron, a virtual reality.
The idea of a virtual reality is amazing in the sense that this is in a sense a real life situation. Relativity rules state that time is constant and that the moving object is following the focus exaggerates the point that time is moving. Obviously, the subway does not move at such a fast rate but nevertheless, the movement combined with time extrordinarily informative and interesting.
One can agree that this picture is a masterpiece in the sense that people think about the meanings and hidden possibilities within it. It can seem like the picture can contain subliminal messages and that the picture has a «controversial approach». This picture is also in the modern age as the invention of trains is modern and also the station is rather new. The moderness of the picture can be an illusion as we have seen modernism before. This picture does have colours which are seen on modern photographies and as older photos does have a certain colour tone, this seems newer. Overall an interesting and internally controversial photographical painting.

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